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30 years of dedication

The Jaix mission has remained unchanged: to offer highly effective, scalable and company-wide solutions that span all key operational and back office activities, including the total integration of the latest electronic technologies and customer web based services. Culminating in the release of our .NET suite.

With over 100 successful implementations we are well experienced in migrating clients from existing disparate systems such as our competitors’ products, often used in conjunction with MYOB® and Excel®.

Jaix Logistics Software is here to work with you for the long haul. Jaix has successfully designed, developed, delivered and supported systems for long-standing clients in the freight and logistics sector since the release of the first IBM XT PC some 30 years ago.

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Three decades ago Jaix pioneered software use in the Australian logistics industry. We’ve come a long way since the IBM XT 8088 Personal Computer and floppy disk drives. Our products testify to years of innovation and solid partnerships with our clients.              

We listen – We learn – We deliver

A Scalable Solution

Our transport and logistics software provides the platform for  your business expansion and your future IT requirements fully supported by dependable resources.

A Solid Foundation

Microsoft SQL and .NET® platforms provide the rock solid foundation of our suite. This allows our team to build software that works for your business every day.

 Jaix is committed to leveraging its technology leadership across its entire client base and recognises that each client is unique, with its own valuable investment in IT that needs protection. This commitment has earned Jaix a reputation for responsiveness and we are equally proactive.

Our skilled development team continues to examine, adopt and evolve new technologies as they emerge. Our technical decisions are made only where they will provide clear, affordable and solid benefits for you, our potential client. Jaix will never adopt new technology for technology’s sake.

Jaix delivers smarter ways for you to gain the competitive edge, grow your business and enhance your balance sheet.

The Incredible Jaix Team

Jaix maintains a long established and growing team of logistics software professionals who design, develop, deliver, train and support the Jaix ERP offering. Our well qualified and experienced team is distinctively client focused and each member has a passion for the successful development and implementation of leading edge transport and logistics software.

The team members work in a positive and energetic environment with a great culture. The team is encouraged to push the boundaries to give your business the best possible outcomes. You will experience a real difference in attitude and delivered results as you engage with each of the Jaix team members.

Introducing Our Partners

Jaix selects technology partners to complement and enhance the development process, the product, the device offerings and peripherals that may be recommended from time to time.  Our commitment is to globally research, isolate, select and form partnerships with premium vendors to deliver outstandingly engineered solutions.

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Northern NSW freight company Shoobridge Transport has nearly trebled in size since it deployed Jaix Logistics Software in the year 2000.

The company, based in the town of Murwillumbah, between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, employs 75 people to operate a fleet of more than 35 trucks servicing clients in the food industry. Its vehicles range from specialised temperature-controlled distribution, linehaul interstate services, to storage and freight management.

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Shoobridge Transport services all major destinations including to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as well as all of South East Queensland, Darling Downs and Northern Rivers region.

The company does seasonal work as well as yearly contracts for customers that include manufacturers, retailers and growers of produce such as sweet potatoes, passionfruit and bananas and even niche products such as herbs.

Shoobridge Transport deployed Jaix in the year 2000, when GST was introduced, and has progressively extended the system since then and fully utilises Jaix Cloud services. 

Shoobridge Transport Administration Manager Vicki Love said Jaix was the only software product Shoobridge had used.

“Since we deployed it in the year 2000, we‘ve nearly tripled our size,” she said.

“Back then, our owners decided the business had expanded to a size where it needed to computerise. The introduction of the GST that year was also probably a factor. “

“Jaix has made us more productive. Jaix is user friendly. It covers all bases. It was a progression for us into the computerised world. The business was growing. Jaix has grown to accommodate what the business needed. Since I came on board in 2001, we have evolved with it.”

Vicki Love said Jaix always responded quickly to support calls.

“I have recommended the Jaix program itself to a number of people over the years,” she said.

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Eclipse Boosts Web Bookings by 40% with Jaix
Web bookings for Eclipse Couriers leapt by 40 per cent after the east coast courier company deployed the Jaix MetroLink courier management system in 2011. 

Since then, Jaix has provided a strong technology backbone for the company, assisting it to grow by 20 per cent, expanding Sydney and Melbourne operations and launching a Brisbane courier service in late 2013. Jaix has also added user-friendly self-service functions such as the ability for customers to view Proof of Delivery (POD) images, with pickup and drop-off timestamps, and to access GPS data about deliveries from the Eclipse website.

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Eclipse Director Eddie Camilleri said the greatest benefit of the Jaix MetroLink software was its stability. “Prior to Jaix, all my focus was on making sure our previous courier management system was operating properly,” he said. “Now I can use that time to focus on the business and where we are heading, which is what I should be doing. From a management point of view, Jaix has allowed us to focus on the business rather than putting out fires.” 

Eclipse Couriers is an Australian company with a fleet of vehicles operating in metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The company was established in 1997 with a fleet of less than 10 vehicles. Today, Eclipse has 75 vehicles in Sydney, 30 in Melbourne and 12 in Brisbane, with about 20 employees at its branches in the three cities. However, in mid 2010, Eclipse Couriers recognised that its crash-prone courier management system was holding back the company’s ability to grow. ”We consistently had system crashes, so there was a lot of downtime, especially with sending data to vehicles,” said Mr. Camilleri.

“Since our previous system was never stable, our client base did not want to use the web booking function because it would fall over halfway through booking a job. We used to get complaints all the time about clients being thrown off the system.” “We came across Jaix online. We went through a detailed evaluation to make sure it would fit our requirements, so it took more than 12 months before we made a decision to go with Jaix.”

“You don’t want to rush things when you undertake a change like this. We wanted to make sure everything was 100 per cent right when we moved.” As well as choosing the Jaix software to deliver its core business operations, including couriers and distribution, accounts and payroll and web-based customer self-service, Eclipse Couriers outsourced its entire network to Jaix, from the keyboard right through to the Cloud. Jaix delivers MetroLink as a 24×7 online service, with system availability, maintenance and backup guaranteed by Jaix Logistics Software.

After six months of planning the cutover, Eclipse Couriers replaced its former system with Jaix MetroLink over a single long weekend in October 2011. Mr Camilleri said Jaix MetroLink had delivered the stability, the booking and allocations tools, and the Electronic Data Interchange [EDI] capability that customers required. “We do a lot of work for freight forwarders and customs brokers, multinational companies for which EDI technology that updates their systems in real time is the norm,” he said.

Jaix provides all of the functionality that we require. The beauty of Jaix is their system is very stable, which is crucial in a time-sensitive industry such as ours. To be honest, I can’t think of any unplanned downtime since the Jaix system went live in October 2011. “The ease of booking online with Jaix allowed us to increase Web bookings by 30-40 percent. At the moment, 42 percent of all orders we receive are via the Web. That gives our staff more time to focus on customer service rather than just taking telephone bookings. With Jaix, I can see quickly and easily how many Web bookings we’ve received. Just seeing the numbers clearly has delivered us some gains.”

“Also Jaix contains a GPS component that lets our customers see where their delivery is from our website. Jaix has streamlined everything, from the web booking and communicating with the driver via PDAs to the deliveries, customer self-service and reporting.” Mr. Camilleri said what stood out about Jaix was the company’s willingness to listen and to make its software fit the Eclipse business. “I’d have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jaix,” he said

“Dealing with Jaix has been a pleasure.”

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