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Jaix logistics software

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Major decisions deserve time

The Jaix Transport Management ERP has taken many years to bring to you in its recently released form.

It is deserving of your time to grasp the beginnings of its content, depth, flexibility and levels of integration across the product suite. For a fully considered viewpoint, we recommend a full demonstration to discuss and absorb the broad capabilities of the suite at operational, backend, B2B and fleet level.

The slider views below will provide glimpses of the functionality you can expect.

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Jaix logistics software

Freight and Operations

Freight and Operations

Provides you with intuitive and logical tools to manage every step of operational processes Find Out More

Jaix logistics software



Integrated feight tracking Find out More

Jaix logistics software

Linehaul Console

Linehaul Console

Revolutionary 'live' resource management and visibility find out more

Jaix logistics software

Wharf and Rail

Wharf and Rail

Complete container management for wharf and rail find out more

Jaix logistics software



Online offers your customers a professional, highly functional and intuitive web interface for bookings, T&T and PODs Find Out More

Jaix logistics software



Alerts provide despatch operators with information. Automatically alert customers of pending arrivals or pickups. GPS and geo-fencing Find Out More

Jaix logistics software



Jaix Accounts - seamless integration working for YOU. Find Out More

Jaix logistics software



Jaix PayLINK built for todays transport professionals Find Out More

Jaix logistics software

Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Document imaging that allows you access to images where they logically should be – from your data records Find Out More

Jaix logistics software



The latest put away and pick, scan technologies. Flexible tools to self manage EDIs Find Out More

Jaix logistics software

Access, Security and Automation

Access, Security and Automation

Jaix software allows you to manage users, view tasks and GPS logs, control APIs and more Find Out More

Jaix logistics software



Jaix ingenious Workshop is now released. Find Out More


Achieve Greater Visibility

For interstate or air, for local or intrastate, for rail or courier, from cartons to containers, Jaix Freight provides you with intuitive and logical tools to manage every step of your operational processes. From quick quotes to customised tender submissions, from online pickups to despatch and allocations direct to your fleet, Jaix Freight manages the distribution and analysis of performance by branch, vehicle, subcontractor, route or customer.

Micro track all your consignments through your supply chain with Jaix FreightScan or utilise the revolutionary new Jaix Linehaul Console to fully manage in real time your company fleet resources with GPS interfaces – we are ready to take you places. Experience the true value of integration and forget revenue leakage. Jaix Freight provides full auditability and alleviates the time consuming process of balancing revenue and expenses between operations and the back office.

The Jaix Transport Management ERP provides the tools to seamlessly capture your revenue and costs at all levels and incorporates clever and intuitive modules to drive and meet your operational and customer requirements.

Jaix Freight tools meet your operational and customer requirements including:

  • Bookings online
  • Track and trace
  • Informative KPI reporting and EDI capabilities
  • Multiple zone and comprehensive rating
  • Allocations and despatch
  • Distribution control with multiple manifest types including manifests, agent depot manifests and run sheets
  • Pre and on forwarding costing controls

System Setup Tools

Intelligent features without compromising flexibility help ensure your operations remain highly competitive, no matter how large or how small your competition may be.

Functionality is configured using Tools that are fully supported by expansive manuals and further by the direct support of Jaix experienced personnel.

Jaix Intuitive Setup features support the learning curve and the migration to the Jaix ERP suite.

  • For branches and depots, set defaults and rules to eliminate errors and maintain consistency across your network
  • Create unlimited service codes linked to general ledger accounts for P&L cost centre reporting
  • Allow the linehaul table to default load rates and automated transhipment functionality
  • Create trip plans to support your fatigue management processes​

Clean, crisp and user friendly panels, logically laid out supports the efficient configuration of the Jaix suite.

Jaix utilises the set up tools screens to add or limit functionality, set or change system defaults to ensure the user experience is unique

An example of the user experience in configuring Jaix software is the display and print colour selection panels to compliment your company's logo and corporate image.

Jaix generally provides add and edit lists to ensure appropriate and relevant system configuration

​Getting More Micro

Setup the Transit Table for your customers' KPI reporting requirements with public holiday and weekend travel considered. Create Fleet Groups and Key Data ready for setup of the company PUD fleet. The next step in the set up process is the creation of Zones and Rates for customers and freight forwarders.


Jaix has recognised th­­at the rating requirements of transport enterprises differ hugely and often differ greatly within an enterprise. Highly configurable, the zone and rate controls promote flexible and accuracy whilst ensuring you can easily present rate management process to your team for ongoing management.

Jaix knowledge and depth of understanding of the industry shines in the power and management of zones and rate schedules. These can be as simple or complex as you require.

Zone sets can be created for each and every forwarding carrier you may use which then allows for accurate and consignment level rating of carrier costs.

Jaix Freight provides tools for easy set up and visibility of zone inclusions and daily management.

Jaix Freight supports multiple zone sets for multiple purposes. Air freight carrier's schedule are complex and tedious to transpose for example.

Simply create them once and then copy and manage with +/- discounts

Suburb Level Allocation of Zones and Branch/Depot Control

Post code ranges are too large to be the separator of zone changes. The allocation of zones to branches/depots accommodates the automation of multiple functions including:

  • Branch allocation of pickups
  • Onforwarding management using the branch as a 'via'
  • Revenue and cost allocations
  • Arrival and departure status updates

Using suburb data versus postcodes throughout Jaix solutions, state and postcodes are automated with no errors.

Since the zones are a set of suburbs, large post code areas are simply divided


What Suits Your Business Needs?

Accommodating and flexible, clever features manage the demands of finicky customers but make it easy for data entry

  • Weight, cubic, units each with breaks and the use of discount from default schedule where applicable

  • The 3 phases leading to use of the customer schedules ensures approvals are sought

  • The comprehensive uprate options allow timely preparation of rate increases

  • History is retained and used if consignment rating is delayed

  • Full logging allows tracking of user intervention across the life of any rate schedule


Added at consignment level, additional charges can be mandatory or optional and prompt for the unlimited requirement of extra charges… waiting time, shrink wrapping, extra men or a pick up fee.

The list is endless and you configure the list and check the box for logical and associated rules. Apply the charge by lane or overall and vary by customer

Manage the Uprate Process

Prepare your schedules ahead of the due date and Jaix Freight will invoke the new rates on the date required, store history and use your prior schedules if a consignment is backdated.

Professional Proposal Preparation Made Easy

Append Terms and Conditions to the professional proposal with customer logo as part of the PDF or paper presentation to your customer.

Managing the Revenue Stream

At management level, Distribution Schedule Costs including Pick Up, Delivery Cost, Admin, Time Slot Delivery premium and exchange pallet allowance can be set up for allocation of costs for Load Analysis, Customer Profitability reporting and Receiver [branch] delivery allocations.


The source of the majority of revenue for most transport companies, the consignment must reflect the activities it undergoes through to delivery and payment. Jaix delivers real time status visibility with the tools for speedy customer service with minimal effort. 

With Jaix Freight, the consignment record is alive and instantly updated – with images and status updates, through to payment with visibility of any credit notes allocated to the consignment.

A simple click allows print or email a POD image and attachments directly to the consignment record. The email being sent is logged

Track and Trace with Instant Visibility of Operational and Admin Status through to Invoice

Access to the automated logs or comments or rating method or additional charges is a click away as are the POD images with instant email to a customer.

Costings and pallet exchange data, manifest, run sheet and ADM links are visible. Multiple search facilities enable quick retrieval for customer service and reporting.

Consignment Data Sources

Consignments can be created from a pickup, an email, and EDI or with Jaix Online. The data source is visible and logical rules apply requiring validation before processing.

Many consignments can be associated with a pickup and therefore, a pickup can represent singularly – multiple consignments.

Customer Service

The Jaix ERPs' Search and List grid tools with multiple and pre-set views ensure a consignment can be located quickly and easily saving valuable resources and providing your customer with exceptional service should they elect not to self-serve with the Jaix Online facilities.

'Profiles' can be created and saved for specific views and searches.

Utilise comprehensive system reports with commonly used filers or create your with the flexible design tools and pre created data sets to report and analyse a branch’s revenue, a customer’s activity or generate a scheduled KPI report.


Each lane a consignment travels is managed separately considering the line haul and/or carrier expense at each leg.

  • Pre-forwarding and/or pickup
  • Linehaul
  • Transhipment across multiple lanes
  • On forwarding and/or delivery

Forwarders, carriers, company fleet or agents -Jaix Freight accommodates the requirements of each at revenue, expense and reporting levels.

Jaix Freight accommodates multiple modes of distribution for a single consignment or taxi truck jobs.

Manual or automatic status updates provide visibility of the distribution process at desktop and portal level for you customer base

Consignments can be added to a manifest, trailer, container load and/or run sheet manually or by using Jaix FreightScan for loading and unloading.


Empower your operations team with a screen display loaded with features to manage the daily hum drum of allocations of pickups, deliveries, cross dock jobs and even linehaul pickups.

Give them the tools to drag and drop, to change views and drill down… you will be amazed at how easily your operators will take up the challenge and never return to the whiteboard or their old docket book.

Jaix Despatch captures pickups online or from any user and sends it direct to the designated Despatch Operator.

Fully integrated with our mature and comprehensive Mobility functions.

 Both pickups and deliveries are sent to in-vehicle devices without interpretation or rekeying errors along with new or default Sender/Receiver instructions

We say it often: “Do it once – do it well”

Auto Branch Pick Up Allocation

Jaix Branch structure and address management fully supports 100% capture. For a new Sender, a valid suburb must be selected and associated State/Postcode combinations are offered to the user and the appropriate Branch managing the location is updated.

Jaix own mobility application VLink manages:

  • 2  way messaging
  • Pickups, deliveries and cross dock
  • Sign on glass and photo relay to consignment record

...and that’s just the beginning.

GPS and Here Maps®

Here Mapping® technologies is now arguably equal to the GPS technology we have all come to use on a daily basis. Jaix uniquely adopts these worldwide technologies with seamless and fully integrated functionality and features which are only beginning to emerge to their full potential.

Jaix Despatch, Mobility and Portal applications all utilise these fundamentals to provide feature rich, real time visibility, reporting and alerts.

The use of Here Maps functionality is enabling micro management of the PUD fleet.

Includes exception reporting of excessive drive times between pickup and delivery sites with the bonus of notifying unscheduled stops and delays

Alerts provide the despatch operator with ‘need to know’ information that can be immediately acted upon. Customers can be automatically alerted via email of pending arrivals or pickup confirmations.

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Report Valuable Lost Time in the Depot When Your PUD Fleet Should Be on the Road

With the Jaix Mobility solution and its integration, fleet management is a one step process and you only need to spend time on the exceptions to the rules.

Easily user configurable, the Allocations screen can be tailored to the requirements of any user. At least 2 high resolution screens are recommended to fully utilise the functionality available and the flexibility to configure and resize screen components for optimal viewing.

Fields can be dragged on and off, columns can be sorted, grids can be 'moved'.

"Every Company has a slightly different focus and Jaix has listened"

Dick Thornton Jaix Director


The Intelligent GUI is Designed to be Easily Used

Key Despatch functions include:

  • Click to view all allocations to a fleet ID

  • Drag and drop to allocate pickups and deliveries

  • View destination [tonnes/pallets] summary as pickups build for the day

  • Order and print run sheets

  • Allocate direct to in vehicle devices

  • Cross dock deliveries

  • Receiver alerts and notifications

  • Automatic allocation by branch

  • User configured colour coded alerts

  • View real time updates of arrival and departures

  • Manage local trailer movements

senders and receivers

Jaix Freights' Senders and Receivers whilst linked, are separately managed in the database enabling operational requirements to be added and controlled. These controls include

  • Site types including DC and Time slot requirements; Container Park and Wharf
  • Multiple on site contacts and Instructions
  • Pallet account details and transfer rules
  • Geo locations

At the online portal level, your customers have access to the validated data for pickups and consignment creation.

Jaix user friendly search tools enable easy access for consistent and accurate allocation of the sender and receiver with delivery instructions added and appropriate contacts available at a single click



Checking bar coded freight on and off and off and on… it is tedious, expensive and error prone. Our integrated freight tracking software provides your floor staff with the tools to scan to create a manifest or run sheet – at the same time alerting operations of a possible misdirection or short shipment. It’s effective, it’s easy… it’s managed by Jaix. 

Visibility of missing items associated with a consignment BEFORE departure saves misdirection and redeliveries



  • Loading

  • Unloading

  • Accuracy

  • Efficiency

  • Real time

  • Customer satisfaction

Pallet Control to support a full Pallet Control system [Jaix recommends the use of 2IC], pickups and consignments allow for the pallet record to be added with exchange detail. Control your customers online and force entry of Chep or Loscam pallet quantities.


To support a full Fatigue Management application, Jaix Freight provides at manifest level, Safe Driving Plans and Check List for each driver as configured for the trip and linehaul configuration codes.

Process and Auditing

Say goodbye to the fear of revenue leakage. Jaix experience shows how in its wizard like processing power with its unique referencing and automated report generation to audit from front to back end.

Throughout Jaix, user names and date/time stamps, change logs and logic checks gives management the confidence to hand the reigns over and focus on ownership tasks leading to sustainable growth.



Manage your company fleet resources 24/7 with multiple simultaneous users and in real time with our latest innovation – the Linehaul Console. We are committed to innovation and here it really shows with the power of drag and drop behind a single click.

You’ll experience Resource Management taken to a whole new level

Your Prime Movers, Trailers, Dollies and Drivers [as Linehaul Resources] – each with their own requirements considered [in workshop, on sick leave, medical requirements or configurable as required] are visible to operators based on rules of departure and arrival and everywhere in between.

We have invented nomenclature to suit this revolutionary functionality including:

  • Linehaul Management Zone [LMZ] - Point/s where resources are assigned to each other

  • Customer’s Delivery Requirement [CDR] - Delivery ETAs requiring alerts to operations and/or customers

  • Local Trailer Movement [LTM] - For pick up and drop off of part and full trailer loads within a local management environment

Key Linehaul Console features include the management of a Trailer Load for its entire journey:

  • Click to confirm pre-scheduled resources

  • Click to create/update a manifest

  • Drag to assign linehaul resources to a journey

  • Click to confirm

  • Full logging of all assignment changes

  • Split components across multiple screens

  • Save multiple screen profiles/view per user

  • Visibility of the status of all resources

  • Visibility of resource locations nationally

  • Scheduling of future workload and specific resources

  • Resource utilisation and reporting

"My mission was to achieve more than what multiple shared spreadsheets can do .... to dynamically deliver information in a living and breathing system"

Jeremy Reynolds Senior Operations Engineer, Jaix Software

Scheduled Movements

Create scheduled pickups with pre assigned resources across multiple legs of the entire trip – days or weeks ahead to review pre assignments and resource utilisation.

A Whole New Meaning to GPS Integration

GPS data with geo fencing on all routes is aligned with Jaix Linehaul Console. The Console provides granular ETA updates of trailer load movements using preconfigured drive times – providing linehaul managers with:

  • Up-to-date information as to when resources will be available at the new Change Over Point

  • The ultimate delivery to the customer

  • Live updates of delays

  • Automated depart and arrive time stamps from depots or sender/receivers

Already committed to a GPS system?
Should you be already using MTData, the Jaix MTData interface also utilises their API to retrieve GPS data in real time. 

Jaix can also readily develop APIs for other GPS system providers.

Scheduled Pick Ups

Scheduled pickups can be created with defaults and instructions with validation settings to prompt the operator to confirm.

Trailer Loads and Manifests

Add consignments direct to a manifest or load a trailer and add manifests with its resources through change over points and road train stations.

Manifests and Trailer Loads capture revenues and expenses and not just including linehaul… receiving depots delivery credits, admin and pallet hire considerations can all form part of your 1st gross margin for reporting buy Cost Centre – simply.



More than just track and trace, Jaix Online offers your customers a professional, highly functional and intuitive web interface. You are in control of the content each customer has access to, what they do and don't see. Usage reports keep you up to date with customer activities. 

Naturally, your customers require track and trace capabilities but how do you control what they do? Simple configuration gives you control of each of your customer’s online access to your ERP.

As a cloud service, we adopt your website schema for continuity of branding and present to your customer a highly professional web interface

"The ease of booking online with Jaix allowed us to increase web bookings by 30-40%, year on year. Currently 42% of all our orders are received via the web"

Eddie Camilleri Director Eclipse Couriers

REad more

Key Features of Online Include:
  • Tracking with click-to-view last linehaul position on map. Jaix Mobility/GPS interface is required

  • Pickup and consignment generation with multiple label formats

  • Release feature with printed manifest on pickup for sign off

  • Invoice view with click-to-consignment and POD/sign-on-glass images

  • Activity listings

  • Multiple search options including date, sender reference, additional reference/s and invoice with click-to-view​

Online Usage Reports

You will be able to keep a close eye on your customers’ online activity – the number of logins, consignments generated, POD and invoice views by customer. All these assist you to maximise data entry and customer service online capabilities.

Fully utilise GPS positioning to empower your customer.



As usual, Jaix latest development project intuitively simplifies the often complex task of managing containers. Both local import and export plus interstate shipping of rail containers are handled effectively and logically from booking the task to banking the funds.

The import of rail service provider invoices before processing alleviates time consuming reconciliations and provides true margins on each container load.

The Jaix Wharf and Rail Management software is second to none.

It’s integration with both operational and accounts modules is superior in its simplicity.

The 1 Stop Voyage and Vessel interface will simplify the user experience with this critical information at the users' fingertips.

  • Scan goods in and out of containers creating the manifest – with Jaix FreightScan

  • Manage the multiple leg allocations of a local container movement – with Jaix Despatch

  • View and manage at all levels – with Jaix Enterprise Grid Controls

  • Communicate, allocate and collect the PODs – with Jaix Mobility

  • Manage the finances of your fleet and subcontractors at all levels – with Jaix Accounts

  • Design and schedule reports – with Jaix Enterprise Reports and Design Tools

  • Manage customer specific EDIs to import jobs – with Jaix Service EDI Controls

  • Alleviate revenue loss utilising mandatory additional charges  – with Jaix Freight 



Here Mapping® technologies is now arguably equal to the GPS technology we have all come to use on a daily basis. Jaix uniquely adopts these worldwide technologies with seamless and fully integrated functionality and features which are only beginning to emerge to their full potential.

Jobs, alerts, messaging and mapping – mobility is not just valuable, it is now a necessary component to effectively manage any fleet.

Not just an add-on, Jaix Mobility is fully integrated from the outset



Jaix Despatch, Mobility and Portal Applications all utilise these fundamentals of today to provide feature rich, real time visibility, reporting and alerts.

Alerts provide the despatch operator with ‘need to know’ information that can be immediately acted upon. Customers can be automatically alerted via email of pending arrivals or pickup confirmations.

Report valuable lost time in the depot and under trees when your PUD fleet should be on the road. 

With the Jaix Mobility solution and its integration, fleet management is a one step process and you only need to spend time on the exceptions to the rules.

Jaix Android and iOS development now compliments the in house mobility technologies Jaix has continued to develop over the past 12 years. Rather than a simple mobile platform, Jaix has maintained the critical integrity and security that has come to be expected from its PDA development.
  • Pictures taken on delivery are available to view and email from the consignment
  • QR Code logins make it easy for casual fleet driver control 





The Jaix Accounts application serves to fully manage your office back end. With account and company fleet records shared across the Jaix ERP platform, transactions seamlessly integrate with full auditability and without the requirement of balancing tasks and double handling and editing. Built in auditing tools ensure no revenue leakage.

 Jaix uniquely offers additional sub ledgers to manage subcontractors and freight forwarders, along with vehicle and payroll capabilities to ensure the specific requirements of your business are tightly managed. Multiple entity management includes consolidated Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting.

Accounts Receivable - Collect what you earn.....

Our experience in the transport and logistics sector has ensured a strong focus is maintained on the all your important processes of credit management and debt collection. Specific Debtor Management features include:

  • Multiple credit limit functions
  • Master account management
  • Debtor finance control
  • POD requirements control
  • Overdue fee and notice generation
  • Fuel levy and history per account
  • Auto logging of account amendments
  • Quick access to transaction detail via drill-downs
  • Flexible invoice format options​

Our experience in the transport and logistics sector is significant.

It ensures a strong focus is maintained on the all important processes of credit management and debt collection 

"The uptake and proven success of the Jaix sub-ledger structure ensured we simply enhanced the methodologies in our new platform"

Michael Holmes Development Manager, Jaix Software


Accounts Payable - Validate what you pay ....

With default General Ledger Account, Cost Centre and Department settings, data entry speed and accuracy is enhanced.

Jaix Imaging Plus allows the filing of invoices, adjustments and correspondence in appropriate folders accessible from the suppliers' accounts on screen


A day-to-day function of a logistics operation in addition to traditional 'Creditors' is also the management of:

  • Subcontractors and forwarders

  • Company fleet and assets

  • Employees and drivers

with specific criteria and functions. Jaix ERP provides a sub ledger for each of the above, with its own unique functions and Control Account at General Ledger level.

Subcontractors - Only pay what you have to .....

Subcontractor in your fleet may play a vital and significant role. Management of paperwork to ensure revenue can be collected and legal obligation are met can be an enormous challenge.

Subcontractors are not just suppliers – they have unique requirements that Jaix accommodates.

Jaix Imaging Plus allows the filing of invoices, adjustments and correspondence in appropriate folders accessible from the subcontractors' accounts on screen

Jaix offers specific subcontractor control mechanisms. These features include:

  • Paperwork return controls

  • User defined requirements that must be met that must be met to satisfy allocation and payments rules

  • EFT payment controls release of remittance advice including trip information

  • RCTI agreements [ATO approved tax invoices]

  • Deduction management

  • Fuel and other deduction controls at manifest and payment level

  • Variable fuel levy by subcontractor

  • Allocation of unique fleet IDs for subcontractor supplying multiple vehicles

  • Control and allocation of mobile devices


General Ledger - Not just a ledger A boardroom tool ....

The Jaix ERP’s General Ledger structure provides an inbuilt multilevel structure for reporting and analysis which is used intimately throughout the applications. For multiple locations, Cost Centres provide the framework for defaults at all levels and, further, Departments within those Cost Centres provide an additional layer.

At management and board level, interrogation of reports is instant with the system wide drill downs and simple retrieval methods

Jaix graphical interface is a useful board room tool.

Assets - Reduce overheads Increase ownership ....

Jaix Asset Management allows for the logical grouping of asset types and provides for the detail appropriate to each type. Nominated asset groups can be shared using the Jaix multi-entity platform, reducing time and errors in managing record duplication across entities.

Using Jaix PayLink, the single General Ledger control account, supported by the corresponding sub ledger and its comprehensive reporting, keeps the Balance Sheet free of clutter from the likes of employee loan accounts, cash advances and reimbursements. 

Jaix logically departmentalises assets to suite the many and varies asset types associated with transport and logistics.

Detail asset information is relative to the asset type… all in one application and at your fingertips 

Jaix uniquely combines asset management and operations reducing admin and accounting costs with sharing across entities:

  • Asset depreciation

  • Asset finance journals

  • Revenue and expense allocations

  • Location visibility



The day to day challenges of meeting obligations is one thing but managing driver demands and contracts/EBAs is another, and just add demands for cash advances, trip rates and reimbursements. The cost of administering your payroll can be easily reduced.

Jaix PayLink is embedded with specific functionality to the meet the challenges of a transport payroll, and at the same time to comply with legislative requirements

Integrated fully with Jaix Accounts and a payroll-specific balance sheet control account, your payroll manger need only focus on the detail and not balancing journals.

Visibility of payroll based liabilities is provided using the payroll sub ledger and includes full aged balance and transaction reporting. The database is updated directly via end of period processing with full audit capabilities.

Capture start, finish and breaks with Jaix interface to biometric devices to capture times and PayLink Plus allows branch managers to daily validate employee hours prior to uploading to the server, ready for actual processing.

Imaging is also supported allowing licenses, leave requests and all the documentation associated to be scanned against the employee record.

Jaix PayLink is Cost Centre aware providing reports by Category and Group within a Cost Centre for detailed evaluation and profit and reporting.




Jaix Imaging provides two levels of fully integrated Imaging with the tools to easily create your own recognition process for any number of documents. A by product is the capture of revenue never charged because hand written consignment notes were never keyed. This is a truly integrated imaging system that eliminates revenue leakage at this level.

Consignments,Manifests,Trip Plans,Run Sheets and Customer Rate Schedules all printed with bar codes.

This allows for instant recognition, speedy validation and immediate storage for retrieval at record level.

Your team members will be delighted because they will be able to access images where they logically should be – from your data records.

"Many clients have reported picking up revenue from hand written connotes - without the integrated POD scanning these dollars would have been lost"

Dick Thornton CFO Jaix Software

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Two Levels of Fully Integrated Imaging

Jaix Freights' Consignments, Manifests, Trip Plans, Run Sheets and Customer Rate Schedules are all printed with bar codes for instant recognition and are quickly validated and stored for retrieval at record level. 

User defined folders and image types, Jaix Imaging Plus delivers unsurpassed integration for all your back office documents including employee records.

Fast, Simple, Effective Retrieval

Open any account and select 'Scanned Documents' to view the available folders. Search functions limit the thumbnail images displayed.

Once on screen, any image can be magnified, printed or emailed.

Need to Scan Documents with No Barcodes?

No problem using our form recognition and OCR/ICR annotations!

You can configure the automatic recognition of any document – easily.

Source images from a file or a scanner and set recognition markers to create any number of automatically recognised and filed documents.

Image exceptions, including missing consignments, are managed on screen and can be amended and appended. Consignment attachments are automatically appended to the main record.

Your Customers’ Requirements Can be Managed by Setting These Flags:
  • Do not invoice without POD – unless an image is scanned or collected with sign on glass, the consignments will not be invoiced and are reported to you

  • When printing or emailing a customer’s invoice all PODs are bundled up nicely into a single PDF file and attached to the email along with the invoice. Perfect!

  • Force sender’s reference entry on scan – unless a sender’s reference exists, the user scanning the image is asked to enter the reference whilst the image is on screen – an efficient and time saving method of validating data prior to invoicing

Embedding world class OCR tools, Accusoft, Jaix Imaging provides the best in automated recognition, de-skewing and noise reduction tools to deliver your team and customers with the best possible images.



Whether you are an emerging business or large enterprise, Jaix again offers best of breed, its latest WMS to complement and fully integrate the Jaix ERP incorporating latest put away and pick, scan technologies and flexible tools to self-manage EDIs. 


Ideally suited to 3PLs, the setup of each customer can be unique and customised – from online access options to product and rate schedule configuration

Managing put-a-ways and picks with hand held PDAs connected using WiFi, delivers accuracy and productivity in real time.

Extensive reporting, amazing rating flexibility and interface to General Ledger P&L accounts by activity. These features provide the ideal platform to service customer needs and manage a scalable warehouse with ease.

Key Outcomes

Accurately captured charges improving the bottom line

Reduced cost of handling and administrative costs

Increased service levels

Decreased customer service cost

Each customer’s unique requirements managed

Seamless distribution integration with Jaix Freight

Every item tracked with confidence





Jaix Admin is your Administrator’s module to effectively and easily manage users and roles, view and manage logins. Scheduled tasks can be monitored, EDI exchanges and APIs configured and controlled. All GPS logs are visible and ready for interrogation.

The Jaix Admin application serves to fully manage your user’s access, security and services... across the Jaix ERP and licensed multiple entities

User Roles

With Jaix you can utilise existing roles or create your own user roles and assign those to your users. You will manage password updates and access at three levels, including 'read only'. You will be in a position to set login limits so as to maximise the concurrent licensing available.

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Scheduled Tasks and Report Controls

You will be able to set up and review multiple scheduled tasks including Permanent Pickups, Reports, EDIs and APIs.

View Mobility Data

You will be in a position to review mobility data in real-time and with multiple sort and search options.

Instant access to the GPS and login/off log data generated by mobility devices.

View FreightScan Data

Review your FreightScan data in real-time and with multiple sort and search options.

Setup, monitor and view scanning devices and scanning activity



Jaix newest addition to the ERP suite, Jaix Workshop, delivers predictive servicing and service management that outperforms all existing benchmark software.

View any company asset's:

  • History
  • Current jobs
  • Services due
  • Issues


  • Create jobs 
  • Manage supplies, issues and resources

... All in a single, dynamically configurable by user "view".

Managing inventory day to day is facilitated by the master product feature which ensures easy identification of all stock on hand regardless of supplier.

The accuracy of stock on hand and its value is supported by the use of PDAs to scan on putaway and pick.

The purchase order function is seamlessly integrated with inventory and the stock order process.

Jaix system wide grids are again utilised at Workshop level providing invaluable view and search tools to manage:

  • Next services due [all assets]
  • Jobs
  • Purchase orders
  • Issues
  • Stock on hand

Due to the logical setup of the service structure, meaningful management reports can be quickly designed, generated and scheduled.

Job costings are supported by default labour hours assigned to service templates and use the actual supply cost. Very simply, service costs can be evaluated without any additional data input.​

Group company assets with the same service requirements simply by creating and assigning ASGs [Asset Service Groups].

Service Templates assigned to ASGs define default parts, labour, checklists and service intervals.

Phase 2 development will see real time, in vehicle issue alerts created by drivers, directed to nominated workshop personnel for immediate assessment and action.

Jaix logistics software

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