Jaix logistics software
Jaix logistics software

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Staying at the forefront of logistics focused technology is not as hard as it sounds. Take the leap and Jaix will keep you out in front with enviable B2B capabilities, mobility and always emerging technologies.

With the power of the platform supporting the logical, consistent and powerfully simple user interface adopted across the Jaix ERP, the strategic advantage is yours to take.



Throughout our transport and freight management software we have fully adopted Microsoft® technologies end-to-end including SQL and Entity Framework and uses VB.NET as the development language.

Accusoft® imaging software is embedded in the Jaix software suite for its sophistication and excellence in image management, Jaix takes advantage .of DevExpress® tools for form, report design and display tools. Our suite also supports multiple mobile devices.

Continually Evolving Technology

We use the latest technologies so the time is right for your business to benefit from modern and intelligent software.  Our suite is rapidly advancing and our research and development continues to accommodate the evolving needs of the transport and logistics industry.

Our chosen platform makes it easy to provide you with a highly integrated suite.



The fusion within the Jaix ERP suite means no journals, no balancing, no double entry, no costly hours, no frustrations balancing disparate software applications and provides a seamless user experience.

It’s time… eliminate revenue leakage

The Jaix ERP suite offers you full software integration and auditability, ensuring capture of all revenue with time and cost savings, accuracy, confidence in your numbers and the elimination of cross-system reconciliation and validation.

Our ERP suite also provides your business with unique methodologies that support full external auditing at both accounting and BAS levels. A recent extension of our capabilities delivers you multi-entity Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting. This functionality is being extended to include cross-entity journals.



Jaix use of Here Maps® compliments Jaix MapView application with its unique integration and fingertip tools. Whilst Microsoft and Apple have changed the landscape of our PC experience, Jaix has fully engaged the MS platform to deliver a rich and dynamic commercial ERP experience to your desktop.

Much of the innovation is provided by Jaix intelligent use of the in-built Dev Express suite of tools. Discover here some of the system-wide features and then the unique functionality at all levels as you explore our web site.

Whether your business is relatively small or a corporation configurability matters. Jaix offers flexibility in the set up experience to discuss and tailor your business’s needs. From selecting corporate colour defaults to the number of lines on a consignment, we allow you, to create your system with the intelligence in the background to support your selections.

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Form Manager includes a built-in Form Designer that you can use to create new custom forms or edit a standard form. You are in control of setting the default forms wherever they are used throughout Jaix ERP.

Whilst the comprehensive standard reports generally meet the day to day needs, the Report Designer gives you the power to fully utilise the SQL database to adapt or simply create a new report. Jaix has gone further to make it easy with logical data sets available to drag in to the designer.

The Schedule button on the Report action bar allows automated report generation to print or email when required. Jaix provides system wide, editable Help windows to ensure procedural and system knowledge is retained throughout your enterprise.

Keeping In Touch

Version Control with specific Release Notes keeps you in touch with the latest features. Supported by the comprehensive Jaix manuals, you have the tools to prevent the loss of knowledge should a valued employee walk out the door.

Powerful Grids Provide Unlimited Options

Users are able to create and save their own views as Profiles after configuring the screen to suit specific processes. They will be able to:

  • Search and sort

  • View and print

  • Drill down to record

…fast and simply.

"I didn't do that" .... Jaix Has the Answer

The Jaix ERP automated log function records user actions with date and time stamps, capturing changes to records throughout the system and enabling easy viewing of all logs at all levels.

Multiple and Consistent Outputs

Whether printing, emailing or scheduling a report or printing a grid view, the output options are both flexible and consistent.

A System That Really Helps Save Trees

The tools Jaix will provide you with to search, access and view data plus the many export options ensures the requirement for printed reports is minimised.




Clever and intuitive tools deliver a user experience second to none.

We are always proud to present our software. Much care has been taken to deliver the user a consistent interface that is so logical that a good user adapts in no time at all. Importantly, confidence is gained very quickly. The user’s familiarity with Microsoft© applications assists the uptake given Jaix ERP software bears likeness.

From Customer Service to Accounts queries, the user quickly finds they are able to respond promptly using fast, clever and flexible search tools with drill down capabilities. Jaix Enterprise grids can be configured and profiles created for easy access and future use. The Report and Form designer gives the power to the user. The Scheduler ensures reports are generated and distributed with monotonous regularity leaving no room for excuses. The Process Wizard provides the user with the reports and audit trail that accounts for every cent of revenue.

End to end, Jaix ERP builds performance, productivity and profits.



Jaix logistics software

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